Virtual reality and hostility: Can virtual reality reduce hostility?
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Rodrigues, M. J., Peixoto, T., Pereira, V., & Leite, Ângela. (2020). Virtual reality and hostility: Can virtual reality reduce hostility?. PsychTech & Health Journal, 4(1), 32-48.


The present systematic review of the literature aims to understand the relationship between virtualreality and hostility, assessing the possibility that VR can reduce hostility. To search for articles inB-On and Google Scholar databases, the keywords “virtual reality” or “VR” or “videogames”, “hostility”,“aggression”, “aggressive behavior” or “hostility reduction”, “virtual reality AND aggression” and“virtual reality AND hostility” were used taking into account the defined inclusion criteria, beingthe publications date after 2015. From 27,001 articles, 20 were selected. The results point mostly toan association between the use of virtual reality and hostility, although some results contradict thisgeneral trend. Programs using virtual reality produce different effects, with some proving to be effectiveand others without permanent changes in the behavior of the participants, being recommended to usethis tool in complementarity with other interventions to reduce hostility. The combination of VR withcomplementary therapies appears to have promising effects in reducing hostility.
PDF (Português (Portugal))
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