Physical Activity and Affective States: Mood and Emotions
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physical activity


The present paper aims to present a synthesis of the knowledge already accumulated on the relation between physical exercise and states of humor. Very few studies on physical activity and physical exercise have examined mood or emotion in the perspective of a contemporary theory of emotions. It has yet to be unequivocally demonstrated that acute exercise of the type commonly practiced for leisure or fitness alters emotional responses. The reasons why many people decide to adopt exercise include weight loss and health benefits, including changes in mood states. Adoption of a life healthy style based on physical exercise involves time and a considerable effort in the short term, and visible results do not occur immediately, but rather after a long period of time (months). Advanced motives for exercising have included humor as a factor and, in fact, humor continues to play a significant, conceptually meaningful role as a reason for people to exercise.
PDF (Português (Portugal))
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