Articles should be submitted electronically via the OJS (Open Journal Systems) platform of thePsychTech-Journal, accessible from New users should register in advance.

Once the author is registered in the PsychTech & Health OJS platform they must provide the requested data and submit the manuscript, which involves 5 steps:
1. After selecting the Online Submissions link, it is necessary to indicate the article type/section, select the main language of the manuscript and accept the general conditions of submission. Authors may also make some optional comments to editors, such as indicating the scientific area of the article submitted.
2. In the second step, the final version of the manuscript should be submitted, according to the norms of the journal. This file should not contain any identifiers of the authors in the body of the text or in the properties of the document.
3. After transferring the manuscript to the system, the complete contact information of all authors (name, surname, institution, address, e-mail address) should be included. It will also be requested to appoint an author who performs the duties of the corresponding author, who will be solely responsible for establishing contacts with the editors and keep informed the other co-authors of all decisions and modifications relating to the manuscript. The submission of the title, abstract (up to 250 words) and keywords of the main language of submission will also be performed in this step. Preferably, they should use the descriptors in the health area.
4. The fourth step, which is optional, allows the transfer of supplementary documents that the authors consider as an added value for the evaluation/revision of the manuscript. The submission of the letter of submission and its mandatory attachments, indicated below, should not be carried out at this time.
5. In the fifth step, the corresponding author must confirm the correct submission and record the respective reference (ID) assigned to the manuscript. This reference should be used in all subsequent contacts with the editors concerning the manuscript submitted.

After confirming the correct submission of the manuscript, the corresponding author should send an email to, being careful to include in the "subject" box the article code assigned by the OJS system to the manuscript submitted. Authors should be careful to send the following documents to the Editor: (1) letter of submission and presentation of the theme and authors; (2) statement on the contribution of each of the authors to the work; (3) declaration of assignment of copyright; (4) statement of possible conflicts of interest; and (5) a statement of ethical conduct / favorable opinion from the ethics committee or scientific committee that oversees the conduct of research in its institutions.


All submitted manuscripts are analyzed for possible plagiarism. This control is the first procedure carried out by publishers. Whenever problems are identified, they will be communicated to the authors. The editors will acknowledge the correct receipt of the manuscripts and supplementary documents and inform the authors about the state of the first evaluation indicating the action to be followed by the authors. In this first phase, normally the rejected manuscripts present errors/inconsistencies in the norms, in the structure of the article. When no such problems are identified the manuscript is referred for peer review. Failure to comply with the established criteria may unnecessarily delay the process of evaluating the manuscript or until its rejection.

 No payments are required to publish in the Psychtech & Health Journal.

 The journal has a digital archiving policy (CLOCKSS and LOCKSS).

Interested in submitting to this journal? We recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step process.