Psychological performance profile of Mozambican football players
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Saveca, P., Tembe, V., & Vasconcelos-Raposo, J. J. (2021). Psychological performance profile of Mozambican football players. PsychTech & Health Journal, 4(2), 24-44.


The present study aimed to compare by age group, gender, competitive level, playing position and years of football practice of Mozambican footballers according to the psychological performance profile assessed by self-confidence, negative thoughts, attention, imagery, motivation, positive thoughts and competitive attitude. The sample consisted of 443 soccer players from 32 clubs, 196 (44.2%) of whom were female and 247 (55.8%) male, aged between 16 and 37 years. To carry out the study, the translated and validated version for the Portuguese language of the Psychological Performance Inventory was applied. The results showed self-confidence as the most developed skill in these footballers, while the average mental preparation proved to be unsystematic. In view of the results, it is concluded that the Mozambican soccer players participating in this study have a very tenuous mental preparation (≤19), suggesting the need to integrate mental training in their daily training routines to improve psychological skill.
PDF (Português (Portugal))
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