Satisfaction with social support and family functioning in a sample of adolescents with and without siblings
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Mendes, M., M. Relva, I., & Fernandes, O. M. (2021). Satisfaction with social support and family functioning in a sample of adolescents with and without siblings . PsychTech & Health Journal, 5(1), 3-19.


Satisfaction with social support becomes essential for the development of adolescents, as it contributes to their well-being. This research aims to explore the satisfaction with social support and family functioning in adolescents, with and without siblings. The sample consisted of 365 participants, 213 were female and 152 were male, aged between 15 and 20 years. The instruments used were the Social Support Satisfaction Scale (ESSS) and the Systemic Clinical Outcome and Routine Evaluation (SCORE-15). Pearson correlations were performed and there was a negative association between social support and family functioning, that is, support increases, family difficulties decrease. Differential analyzes were performed using multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA), to verify differences in sociodemographic variables. The results indicated that, depending on the family configuration, it was found that adolescents from families with married or parents have higher levels of family satisfaction compared to adolescents with divorced parents. In family functioning it was found that adolescents with divorced parents have greater difficulties in family resources, family communication and family difficulties. Regarding gender, no significant differences were found. Finally, we investigated and we found no differences between adolescent only children and siblings regarding satisfaction with social support as well as family functioning. Thus, the importance of a good family functioning is emphasized, in order to contribute to the quality of adolescents' relationships.
PDF (Português (Portugal))
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