Pre-competitive in basketballs of national under-16 selection
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Tembe, Dezanove, C., Saveca, P. T., Machoi, H., & Pacheco, F. (2020). Pre-competitive in basketballs of national under-16 selection. PsychTech & Health Journal, 4(1), 3-9.


Anxiety is a physiological response to the experience that is painful, because both have connection, thedifficulty experienced and the anxiety to overcome it. The study aimed to analyze the characteristics ofpre - competitive anxiety factors in the games of the national team of Mozambique U16. The sampleconsisted of 12 athletes, aged 14 - 16 years of which 4 aged 16 and 8 aged 14 years. The instrumentused was the “List of Stress and Pre-Competitive Symptoms (LSSPC) developed by Chagas (1995).The results showed moderate levels of precompetitive anxiety in the six games played with an averagesum of 56.92; In the six games played, the basketball players presented, respectively, the valorizationof the somatic anxiety with the following values: 59.16; 53.34; 59; 61.5; 56.17 and 55.4. The athletesvalued somatic anxiety relatively in the six games with the following values: 3.71; 3.09; 3.82; 4.12;3.58 and 3.69. Basketball players participating in the 2017 African Under-16 Basketball Championshipwere dominated by moderate anxiety with predominance of somatic factor.
PDF (Português (Portugal))
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